Product Features


The dashboard feature of an invoicing system serves as the central hub for key financial insights and business activity overviews. It provides a user-friendly interface that presents crucial data at a glance, aiding in swift decision-making and financial analysis. Below is a detailed description of the components of the dashboard feature within an invoicing system.

By integrating data on business activity, payments received, multi-currency totals, and sales categorized by report, the dashboard empowers users to gain a holistic understanding of their financial position. With a focus on clarity and comprehensiveness, the dashboard enables informed decision-making and effective management of a company’s financial operations.


This feature facilitates efficient communication between businesses and their clients, offering a clear and organized method to propose prices for goods or services before finalizing a sale. The functionality of the quotation system is enhanced by its ability to navigate through various states and provide comprehensive summary details, along with quick access actions for user convenience.

By navigating through different states, offering a detailed summary view, and providing quick access to essential actions, this feature ensures that businesses can effectively track and manage their quotations, ultimately leading to a smoother transition from proposal to payment.


Invoicing features enables the creation, management, and tracking of invoices, ensuring a smooth transaction flow from sales to payment collection. This feature is designed to enhance efficiency, accuracy, and client satisfaction through its comprehensive functionality, including various invoice states, detailed summaries, and quick access actions for optimal user experience.

By offering detailed insights into the financial status of invoices, coupled with user-friendly actions for managing and tracking invoices, businesses can ensure efficient operations, timely payments, and enhanced client relations.

Payments & Recipts

This feature is essential for managing and recording all transactions related to customer payments and money received. This feature is integral to maintaining accurate financial records and facilitating the reconciliation of accounts. Below is a detailed description of the Payment and Receipts feature, emphasizing the various states of transactions and available payment methods.

By providing clear states for transactions such as completed, refunded, and voided, and supporting multiple payment methods like Bank-in, Visa, and Cheque, the system ensures that businesses can efficiently handle their financial operations. The focus on clarity and comprehensiveness in recording and presenting transaction information allows for better financial control and streamlined operations.

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