Experience the global versatility of EasyBillingPro, supporting an extensive multi-currency system. It includes the Chinese Yuan Renminbi (CNY), Hong Kong Dollar (HKD), and the universally recognized US Dollar (USD).

Exchange Rate

Experience global convenience with EasyBillingPro’s multi-currency support. Seamlessly updated exchange rates ensure accurate billing in various currencies, making your transactions smoother and worry-free.

Product Category

Streamline your business with our product category feature, designed to tailor-fit your organization’s model. Pair it with our reporting tool, effortlessly tracking sales by product category, ensuring optimal sales management.

Product Unit

Unit signifies a product’s measure, like a ‘pair’ for shoes you’re selling. It’s a crucial element in determining product quantities in invoices or quotations, turning abstract numbers into tangible items.


With EasyBillingPro, crafting an invoice or quotation is a breeze. Simply incorporate your pre-saved items for a seamless and efficient billing experience.

Customer Group

Effortlessly categorize your precious customers using the Customer Group feature, tailored to fit your needs. Leverage our robust reporting tool to monitor and manage your sales seamlessly.


Craft invoices or quotations with ease in EasyBillingPro, simply by selecting from your pre-saved customer list – streamlining your billing process effortlessly.

Remark Settings

EasyBillingPro simplifies customer communication by enabling remark additions in invoices, quotes, receipts, and delivery notes. Its Remark Settings offer default remark creation for added ease.

Payment Methods

EasyBillingPro’s imminent updates are set to revolutionize your customer experience by introducing diverse payment options, dramatically reducing wait times, and enhancing your business’s appeal – a trouble-free, efficient payment solution!